Bending the rule: chalk line division (for roofing)

Brevity is the soul of- well, I mean-
brevity is good, so I may be doing some more fast-paced, short & sweet ones, should you like ’em. Let me know.
EDIT: forget that last part, about taking what you like into consideration. Hey, nothing personal, it’s just that if I give you what is in demand, the content will devolve into, well… you know. I’m going to keep making whatever I want. This comes at a price, and I get less views for it, and more dislikes. In fact, I’d bet that one of you is thinking about disliking right now, because you don’t like the tone that this description is taking. You would prefer it if I smiled and said: “thanks for watching! don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe! follow me on facebler, tumbook, readit, and yourspace! let me know of any other ways that I can kiss your ass!”
No. I won’t. In fact, you may kiss my ass, instead.

As for roofing: it is the one thing in my life that I will openly claim to have been truly gifted at. As I age, I feel as though my life has been somehow squandered away in diversion, while the only job that I have ever found satisfaction in was roofing. I had found my calling and left it. Probably for the best, though; it was mathematically certain that I would have ended up hurt. I had several falls, and many close calls. Perhaps that is why I find the safety brigade laughable, because they make such a fuss over the potential for such small accidents. Reckless roofing, unlike table-saw use, can result in death. As my Grandfather would advise me: “when roofing, one should never stand back to admire one’s work.”

If you are still a lowly roofer, revel in it- as it is, like all things in life, a temporary condition.


  1. I did roofing one summer, I put a nail through my finger and got a sun
    burn. I don’t remember anything like enjoyable math solutions or any good

  2. This does not work at all if the rectangle is quite short (close to a
    square or even shorter than high) or if the difference on both sides is
    larger than a few percent. In these cases all the divisions on the shorter
    side will be of very different length. They actually never are equal if
    constructed this way, but it’s not that apparent on long “quite
    rectangular” rectangles.

    • So in the case of a roof with 100 on one side and 95 on the other would I
      measure up my 100 side as usual then on the 95 side place my tape measure
      straight as usual then swing it clockwise till the edge of the roof and the
      100″ mark touch then that’s my difference?

  3. First time I’ve seen this trick, and I’m floored (can’t really say that I’m
    roofed, can I?). Thanks for the explanation! I like the diverse topics and
    demonstrations in your videos, quite enjoyable.

  4. That is SO awesome! For real! As an architecture student this is something
    that could have saved my life a lot of times before!

  5. Oh my God! Why don’t they teach this in school? So simple! It is right
    there. Thanks Pocket, this is why I watch your preroll ads and don’t skip.
    Rise over run for the win.

  6. aaah geometry. the one thing in this screwed up world that is not subject
    to corruption.Ta this is a great tip.

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