Hometime “How-To” Video Guide: Roofing, Preparation and Installation

“‘How-To’ Video Guide

You can DO-IT-YOURSELF with help from Dean Johnson, home improvement expert, and host of the ‘Hometime’ TV series.

Let Dean show you the techniques you need to do a professional job. You’ll learn how to choose the right tools, save on materials, avoid costly mistakes… and complete your project on schedule.

It’s the fast-paced entertaining way to DO-IT-YOURSELF… and DO-IT-RIGHT.

Steps covered in this video include:

1. Tearing off old roofing and preparing for new roofing
2. Laying out and installing shingles
3. shingling around chimneys, valleys, ridges and plumbing vents
4. Back shingling
5. Installing attic and soffit vents
6. “Roofing-over”
7. Flashing against a sidewall

Use the handy on-screen index to quickly find the information you need.” from 1992. Featuring co-host Susanne Egli. Keep in mind that since 1992, codes and techniques may have changed.


  1. “…It’s a hard job and you have to be safety conscious…”

    Where, pray tell, is your PPE harness/safety restraints?

  2. Don’t high nail those starter strips! And you have to cut the tits off in
    the valley! I saw a lot of other little details wrong with this video. In
    fact, I would fire them both.

    • You sound very full of yourself. Don’t need to be a professional roofer to
      make that observation. If you wanted to be helpful, you might explain WHY
      it’s important to cut the tits off. Most people will watch several videos
      on an important project before starting, and take the best of each.

    • Yes. But they didn’t cut the tits off. If you have no idea what I’m saying
      then you aren’t a roofer. If you’re not a roofer then don’t even presume to
      correct me on anything to do with roofing.

      I’ve been doing it for a living for 40+ years. How many years have you done

  3. this “very old video” still teaches young adults who use YouTube the
    teacher on the fly. Many contractors never teach their worker how to work
    safe… I see safety violations all the time here in right-to-work states
    hee in the South. Workman’s comp for employees is gutted & DOL has so few
    inspectors so there is not much in incentive to protect workers with costly
    harnesses and other safety devices.

  4. Its nice to be able to remember when you could watch a home improvement
    show, and the actors aren’t constantly Bickering or they haven’t made it a
    competition with the so called impossible to meet deadline Modern
    television sucks

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