Roofing over Space sheathing.

Hello everyone, I come across many roofs like this , with space sheathing, People that don’t know about roof specs, think you need to install solid plywood over the space sheathing, That’s wrong ! No ICBO calls for resheathing over space sheathing unless you have 1 inch space or more, examples are : when shakes were installed back on the 1930’s and wood shakes also were installed over 2′ inch space sheathing, in those cases you have to install plywood over the existing to make it solid or the last option is to fill in the gap with new space sheathing , but that is time consuming and cost almost the same .


  1. The problem with roofing over spaced plank decks is that you must mark all of the seams otherwise, too many of your nails are going to go into spaces, thus creating future leaks.  Slop on roofers like yourself using nail guns don’t care where the nail goes.  All you care about is speed and production.  When the roof starts leaking, you are long gone.  What do you do when your nail line lines up with the seam in the deck?  You guys go so fast with the nail gun there is no way you are looking back to see if the fastener actually went into anything.

  2. I have a house in Illinois with the same kind of sheating of this video, one guy from x company came to give me an estimate and told me that my sheating is out of code and they have to install a new sheating, of course the cost is so expensive, thank to you I will take my time looking for an honest company, I just have very old shingles, so I want to change my roof. thank you.

  3. If you can’t afford it receipt with at least OSB the nail guns hit between the cracks and blow holes in shingles it’s best to resheet if you can afford it

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