Small Roof Leaks Might Require Bigger Tarps – Temporary Water Leak Repair Tips

Click on this link for more ideas about building repairs, remodeling and new home construction. This video will give you a better understanding of why you might need to cover larger areas on your roof with a larger tarp or at least go over the ridge or peak. Small tarps can drastically reduce the amount of water leaking, but might not stop it entirely.


  1. if shingles are leaking it’s usually incorrect step pattern.. find the leak inside with a tape measure, an measure on top an add the eve. Lil mastic between the seems will go a long way..

  2. I have had a small drip around the chimney even after they re-roofed it, and I did notice
    the roofers do not replace the flashings. never was able to find it. used chalking, wrapped with
    foil tape. then just gave up.

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