1. my uncle and dad did the same in there prime we just switched it up a bit
    in this generation ,all they did was roofs the job is awesome .

  2. hey eric i have been watching your videos since i started my roofing
    journey ..im a long ways from when i started
    i want to get my license soon so i can work for myself but im not entirely
    sure on how to price homes
    what do you recomend or how should i price homes by the bunlde laid down or
    how many days it would take
    and how much should i charge
    if you could inbox me that would help me out alot thank you

  3. asi se tarda mas para hacer los valeys… yo aviento la hoja completa que
    pegue en el valey y el triangulo que queda lo corto al final todos van a
    dar lo mismo igual que en una hip style

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