1. Eric, I have always wondered why install a second layer over existing shingle? Is it a matter of cost of removal only? Or are there other reasons.

  2. the ICBO says that, you can install up to 2 layer of light weight shingles, or 2 layers of shingles over wood shingles, you can install up to 600 per square if you install light weight concrete tile, more than 600 lbs per 100 sq ft of roof you will need a structural engineering report

  3. Hi Eric, we’ve been very busy this week – 13 home inspections. On the re-shingle, I understand your logic and if it were my roof I would want the shingles stripped off to find any underlying issues and have them repaired. But, everyone has a budget. 😉

  4. Is regular felt a thing of the past ? Why does everyone use this new synthetic underlayment ? Great videos by the way .

  5. Hey Eric, I’m going over existing 3 tab shingles that are still in fairly good shape. I’m going to use architectural shingles but will use a cheap synthetic underlayment and replace any metal edging that is in need etc. Is it normal for architectural shingles to have a different cut pattern? The square cutouts on the bottom are 7″ 5 1/4″ and 4″ on each shingle but are offset and make several different patterns. If this is a silly question sorry bout that but it just made me wonder as I have only used 3 tab shingles up to this point. Thanks for a reply

  6. why would you go over an old shingle, the new shingles after a year or two will be as bumpy as the first one. and Mr Garcia when you do that you do not have a warranty on the new material. if you don’t believe me call your manufacturer or read the fine print on the packaging

  7. I am fixing to do this to my house. Just curious about a couple things. Do I need to remove the first layer of the old shingles and do I put my drip edge on first before new felt paper or shingles. Thanks ahead of time.

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