RV Life Roof Leak Repair – Winnebago

In this video I am repairing a roof leak from the heavy rains we have had in Southern Alabama.

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360 Siphon Tank Vent:
Extend-A-Shower Rod for RV:
Cobra 24 LX CB Radio:
Dicor Self-Leveling Lap Sealant:
EnternaBond White Roof Seal:
NAXA Electronics NT-2407 24-Inch 1080p LED HD and Digital Media Player, Black:


  1. Oh that stinks. Leaks are not good. Hope it is all done so you don’t have
    to keep working. Time to relax now 🙂 Melody

  2. Make sure you clean the little gutters out this also help keep the water
    from backing up and looking for a place to come in.

  3. I had Camping world reseal and clean my roof. Cost about 400 bucks but it
    was worth it for my peace of mind. Next year, however, Im doing my own
    sealing and cleaning.

  4. Hi, just wanted to mention something about the Flex spray sealant for the
    RV collective (okay so I’m a Star Trek/Borg fan, resistance is futile)
    that was told to me by a workamper we met in Arkansas. Eventually every
    RV’s propane tank gets rust and the paint peels off. He told me to peel off
    the loose paint, then use the Flex spray on it and forget about it.
    Evidently that stuff is a lot like Eternabond tape, it’s eternal, ha!

  5. well don’t wate ontail it rains but get your water hose out turn the water
    on after the flex seal drys then make it rain. if any of the things on the
    roof is crack then remove the old stuff and re seal it.

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