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Руферы — современная городская субкультура, приверженцы которой посещают крыши различных зданий и сооружений. Руферство является разновидностью сталкерства, заключающегося в проникновении и исследовании различных труднодоступных объектов. Rufer – modern urban subculture whose adherents attend roofs of various buildings and structures . Ruferstvo is a kind of stalking , which consists in…

Roofing Sheet Transporter

April 28, 2016 admin 1

The Roofing Machine is a tool for transporter metal building roofing panels across the top of per-fabricated metal buildings. Safely carry 20 to 25 sheets of any length over the top of your purlins with ease. The Roofing Machine will adapt to any width metal building. Much safer for your…

Comment poser un roofing autocollant? Gardentop Stick alu – F

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Le roofing autoadhésif à froid se pose facilement, rapidement et de manière sécurisée. Le roofing s’adapte à presque tous les toits plats et légèrement inclinés moins de 25m². La solution idéale pour les nouvelles constructions légères ou les rénovations. Parfait pour les abris de jardin, les toits plats, les garages,…

Installing ONDURA Corrugated Roofing Sheets on a Chicken Coop

April 22, 2016 admin 10

Joe Mooney from Homesteadonomics shows how to install gray ONDURA corrugated roofing sheets on his chicken coop in Arizona. In this video, Joe shares some insights and tips for the ONDURA installation. ONDURA product information and installation instructions are available at . Joe used the following materials for his ONDURA…

How to Prepare and Install Roof Flashings

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This how-to video explores proper installation of roof flashings for asphalt roofing applications. Proper installation and application of flashings ensures your roof or roofing project is best protected from leakage. For more updates, roofing tips and how–to roofing product and installation videos, make sure you subscribe to our channel and…

Installing Invisaflow Gutter Guards

April 7, 2016 admin 10

This video is intended for the DIY’er getting ready to install their own gutter gaurds, May also help to see if you want to use this kind. Invisaflow Metal lock- In gutter gaurds are a breeze to install and seem to be a really nice product.

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