How to Repair a Flat Roof – Roof Jack Repair

This is a SureCoat Systems coating How to flat roof repair video. This video will fully inform you of how to complete a permanent, waterproof, leak free flat roof repair using the SureCoat roof coating over any flat roof surface.

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The SureCoat Roof System is designed with a waterproof elastomeric roof coating that is impervious to ponding water. The SureCoat Roof System has been used over millions of square feet across the USA to restore and protect commercial roofs with ponding water that have reached the end of their life cycle.

The SureCoat Roof System will adhere to almost any roofing material including failed acrylic and emulsion, built up, modified torch down, metal, concrete, EPDM, TPO, PVC and single-ply roofing systems.

The SureCoat Roof System eliminates 100% of roof seams, withstands ponding water conditions and is UV stable for the entire life of the system (10 to 20 years).

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  1. Your men always do such great work! Thanks for the tip. There is a company that compresses styrofoam beads and makes insulation panels for roofs and walls and more. Have you all ever used them to better a 100 yr old almost flat roof and combined Surecoat to the top and bottom? As you know, flat roofs can be tricky with the age and who knows what has happened over the 100 yr period. What do you think? Hello to Jamie! Art

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