How To Calculate Roofing Shingles including Hip Roofs by PawPaw

I posted this video at the request of one of my subscribers. This will only interest you if roofing your own buildings is in your future.


  1. Bethel College? My father was the engineer for WHDM for many years. Seems
    like you are from my neck of the woods. I graduated from Jackson State (not
    Mississippi) and Memphis State (Herff) a few years before you.

  2. Even though I know how to calculate the things you’re teaching in your
    videos, I don’t find it boring. I find it entertaining because I know I’m
    not going to be the guy crawling around on that roof or pouring that slab.
    Been there. Done that. LOL

  3. My wife just commented that she is so used to hearing your voice in our
    house that it feels that you are part of our family. lol .

  4. Paw Paw, On the hip roof you forgot the first upside layer around the base
    of the roof. The 60 x 28 should be about another 176 SqFt. I figure about
    15% waste on a hip roof because of all the odd angle cutoffs at the hip
    angle when I get the shingles. As you said, if you don’t open them they
    will take them back. I usually will keep 2 bundles in case I have to make a
    repair to the roof in the future. This way I always have the same color and
    style for the repair even though they are usually a bit brighter that ones
    on the roof, they will be the right type.


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