Rusted Out Gutter Repair

Replacing a leaking gutter is for people with no imagination. We take an old gutter with a serious crack in it and patch it in a way to make your redneck uncle proud. No in all seriousness this is a very long term fix. Yes it would be better to simply replace the whole thing but this fix might keep the system running for years. Spending an hour to chooch a few more years out of something that would otherwise need replacing? That is a no brainer.

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  1. i think you have the old galvanize gutters, my father did that till the 80’s, then came aluminum and then no rust and seamless you may need aluminum soon the house i am in now was like you, i went to alumium

  2. I almost commented on the dangers of chewing gum whilst repairing gutters, but the USDGCWRG (US Department of Gum Chewing Whilst Repairing Gutters) put out those public service announcements years ago. ONLY YOU can prevent gum chewing whilst repairing gutters.

  3. LOL!
    The entertainment value of your videos rivals your “inventiveness!”
    Not to mention your self-deprecating admission of your “shear bone idleness”…..
    A gift from God that we ALL enjoy from time to time.
    And then waste hours of our precious waking hours scabbing stuff back on.
    Jeez…that was funny!!
    Hope to make it over to Virginia City one of these summers to ride up The Gulch and help cover your overhead on those
    giant old gov”mint army trucks.
    It’s not surprising that we spend trillions$ now to not win wars.

    Thanks for the post!!


  4. I was thinking some broken record pieces and getting all melty melty with the pixie powered wife’s voice substitute would’ve done the trick 😉😎

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