Built-Up Roofing Systems

The presentation will discuss the history, evolution, features and benefits of built-up roofing. The use of buildup roofing in new, re-roofing and recover applications in both conventional and protected membrane assemblies will be also examined. The demonstration will show the installation of the vapour retarder, the primary insulation and a cover-board, and their attachment methods. The built-up roofing membrane assemblies will be also examined. The built-up roofing membrane will be installed showing the plies, the waterproofing coats, and treatment of the edges and comers and the surface.


  1. Did not start in the drain, Dry moped, Voids in the asphalt, Did not wipe in the cants with hand, Foot roofed it, Walked on the felts, Walking on any sheet displaces the asphalt……Demonstrations are tough no excuse for being poor

  2. Theirs a lot to say about this tutorial.. keeping it short: I for one believe the speaker/instructor has technical knowledge however his roofers, where they may have been doing what was asked.. however they displaded poor workmanship…

  3. yo les puedo ensenar como aserlo de mejor manera no deven de pisar en el papel para nada pueden pasar el sepillo para mejorar que se pege mejor pero no pisar denme trabajo y buen pago y me boy de inspector

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