Popped RV Roof Staple Repair and Eternabond Review

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In this video, I repair a minor problem on my Keystone Cougar fifth wheels roof. A staple in poking up threatening to work its way through the EDPM rubber.

I remove the broken staple. Replace it with a stainless steel screw and patch things with a combination of Dicor lap sealant and Eternabond tape.

I also take this time to update you on how my Eternabond roof tape seals are performing after a few years now. Then go through some of the negatives to using Eternabond versus the traditional Dicor sealant on the RV roof.

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  1. Good video Ray,I think I have seen most if not all your repairs on your roof. I AGREE that the Eternabond is best. Good job on the broken staple repair.I think I to am going to redo all my side’s and ends an fans and such. Thanks and CHEERS to ya.

  2. I liked the idea of using the Eternabond. The only thing I do different is add a cup of bleach to the Dawn mix when cleaning the roof to help prevent any mold or mildew from forming on it.

  3. As usual, great video Ray. Our new travel trailer is 23″ which should get us into a lot of fun places until we are ready to get back onto the road full-time with a slightly larger rig. All of your advise gets cataloged into every decision we make as we research RVs. Our Beagle Stella surely needs to sport a commemorative set of Doggles as well!

  4. A big thanks… I have a pending roof repair on one of my 5th wheels that I’ve been putting off forever…. Your video has dispelled the fear of not being familiar enough with the materials to begin the repair.. All the best.. PS.. subbed and liked… looking forward to your future vids..

  5. Great video Ray. Very informative. I swear by the Eternabond tape. We are upgrading to a different RV in the next few weeks and like the older RV I will be reinforcing all the seems on it with this methods you have shown in this video. Thanks for all you do for the RV community.. 👊😉

  6. Ray, that was probably the best information I have seen on this topic. Great video. Your is a rubber roof and not TPO? Not really sure about the difference. Have you had past experiences with other roof types such as fibreglass or other solid surface roofs? Keep up the videos.

  7. I had to do a similar square from a goat head sticker from the bottom of my foot that poked a hole in the roof. I noticed that the tape does slip a little bit in the heat, so when I walk on the roof and it is hot, I avoid the taped area.

  8. after watching your earlier video on eternabond I did my motorhome seams with it. Its been two years and like you it has performed well. Thanks for saving me so much time

  9. I caught some of these videos before and decided to do some sealing with Eternabond tape. Ordered up a bunch but didn’t get to it till this year. Doing my slide it was sealed with silicone. Which I removed as much as possible, cleaned with Mineral Spirits and applied the tape.. Slowly and Carefully…I seemingly underestimated the length I needed. I had more to overlap the edges than I thought when I cleaned it. It wouldn’t stick. Not a little, not at all in those areas. Moral of the story; IT WILL NOT STICK TO SILICONE. In all of the videos and information on their site and even on the instructions with the tape was there a mention of it NOT adhering to silicone. But another great video.

  10. Eternabond is some great stuff. I used it to protect the VHB tape I used to install my solar panels. I didn’t think of sealing the edges with Dicor. That’s a seriously nice job on that roof!

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