Roll Roofing for Hillbilly Roofing and Roof Repairs

Roll Roofing for Hillbilly Roofing and Roof Repairs.
Roll roofing is one of the fastest and easiest way to install a roof. It’s low cost roofing, but will last as long as standard fiberglass shingles. If you have hurricane damage to your roof, using roll roofing to make a temporary repair to your roof would be a lot better than using a tarp to cover a damaged leaky roof. Actually a temporary roof repair with roll roofing would probably last as long as a permanent roof repair done with shingles. A single roll of roll roofing will cover a 100 sq ft and only cost about $33 so this type of roofing is very low cost.


  1. I used roll roofing on my shed roof…you can overlap the tarps like one big shingle over another…i swear that stuff lasts and works as well as shingles…they should do entire homes with it. Might look a bit strange at first but it’s functional for homes too….installation and labor costs a lot less then shingles…goes on super FAST.

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