DIY Roofing Repair

This week, Tom gives us the how to’s on simple roof repairs. The next time a few shingles blow off of your roof, you’ll have the know-how to take care if it if you choose to do so yourself.Support HGMM through Patreon ►►


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  1. Matting shingles is just something we don’t get in this country. Corrugated iron and tiles are the more common roofs. It’s just a weird system but it seems like it would be cheap but quite waterproof laid properly. Anyways great video Tom!

    Also the guys here always use safety harnesses and have a number of rings welded/bolted onto the roof structure where they can attach their harness; useful for doing roof inspection/repairs but then again we’re a two story house – it’s a long way to fall so a bit of extra precaution is a good thing. 🙂

  2. Good video, thank you. One point of critique though: you mention that you should put the nails inside the tar lines (which is correct), but it looks like you put the nails outside of the tar lines. I’m talking about the first shingle you’re nailing down.

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