Going Roofing (Original Song by BDR) – A Tribute to Chris Cornell and Going to Work Hung Over

Best Damn Roofer goes roofing hungover as frig and sings about it! We have all been there! My wife is a crazy bitch but so is yours.

This song was inspired by the song Hunger Strike. A tribute to Chris Cornell. Original lyrics by Best Damn Roofer.

Check out another video where my wife hates me:

Best Damn Roofer. A reality TV Comedy for roofers. Literally the dumbest reality show in existence.


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  1. love it keep em coming. I thought I was the only one who’s wife hates everything about me except the nice paychecks lol. the life of a roofer no sleep, flat tires and nagging wife’s. roof on mother roofers!

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