1. Just call the YouTube channel by his name. It’s his personal brand, it will evolve and grow with him as he goes through his life. Tag/name videos based on their content – Paramount Roofing : blah blah blah, Eric Reno vlog: blah blah blah . No need for seperate channels.

    Did he just admit that he price fixes with his competitors on Angie’s list? Edit that out

  2. To be clear it is 3.2 million dollars in Revenue. I don’t talk about this stuff with Keith or on my channel to brag or because I have an ego it’s if I can motivate one person the way my mentors motivate me, it’s all worth it to me. I know people are going to hate but like Grant Cardone said hate me or love me at least you know my name. I appreciate all the comments and interest in listening, if you have any questions you can message me on my channel

    Please don’t assume anything I’ve grinded and work my ass off to achieve what I have, and no my dad did not start my business and no did not buy it with a partner. This is from the ground up carrying shingles on my shoulders to owning a successful roofing company. Again I appreciate all the feedback and please take a minute to subscribe to my channel. Peace be blessed and grind your ass off, hard work and persistence with a little bit of focus will always pay.

    Eric Reno

  3. Some type of strange pattern with ex-musicians abandoning the music business and turning into successful entrepreneurs… I know plenty of ex-musicians that are now successful business owners and I used to play guitar in a heavy metal band and now own a successful business. Guess the music industry attracts those with an entrepreneurial spirit… Weird connection, but it works.

  4. Damn how to you guys do it. I live in pa and im just starting out. Everyone here is broke or they want experienced, insured, and established companies to do it. Idk what to do im losing hope.

  5. Can a person without roofing experience own a roofing company? Obviously you would hire people that know what they are doing.

  6. I want to do Angie’s List but I’ve been so nervous about it i have a video about it on any YouTube about Angie’s List

  7. Thank you very much, I am a veteran in Fayetteville, NC. and starting a lawn care business. I watch your videos daily, you have helped me in more ways than one. My hats off to you bro!

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