Getting Greenhouse Roofing Done & Freezing Cold Night

Freezing nights are coming to the homestead so I am working on the greenhouse in hopes of saving our plants and herbs.

I got a load of plywood and rafters the other day which I put up on the greenhouse roof.

I put three sheets of plywood up so that they firm up the building and also allow me to walk on the roof.

I will put sheet metal on the roof and then I will put my Harbor Freight solar panels up there permanently.

I plan to have batteries and solar power in the greenhouse for lights and to power my tiny house bathroom shower.

I was going to call it a night but it was 21 degrees at 8 pm so I put the tarps up around the greenhouse in hopes of protecting the plants from freezing.

A friend came over and together we finished winterizing the trailer house. We used an air compressor to blow out all the water lines and then put RV antifreeze down the drains.

It got down to 18 degrees in the evening before the thermometer cut out due to the cold. I think my batteries are getting weak.

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  1. It is looking great! So exciting to see everything coming together for you! It’s not the tiny house, but better!

  2. Looking very sturdy.. Just a question about where the rafters join at the peak. Putting a triangle plate to join the two rafters would really secure them and keep them from separating. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!! TJ

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