Roofing: Flat Tile Roof Leak Repair From Start to Finish

This is a short video of a tile roof leak repair we did. This teaches you some of the repair techniques and methods your roofer needs to do in order to make your roof repair last.

The most expensive part of roof repair is having to repair the same area more than once. Most of the roofs we fix have been repaired multiple times in the same area.

Hire a roofer to do it right the first time is most likely the most expensive way up front but in the long run you will save money.


  1. This may be a weird question…but if it rains when a house is being built, does the roof get water damage? Do they have to redo it or what? Hopefully that’s not too weird if a question. Great video…thanks to Reddit for bringing me here.

  2. Found your channel from Reddit. Have no idea how to roof or anything that goes into it, but I still found your videos interesting and very insightful.

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