5 Roofing Tools You Should Have

5 amazing roofing tools and equipment for repair and building roof your house You must have.
During roofing work you have to use various roofing tools, which have different application and purpose. You will not be able to perform even the smallest repair roof without roofing tools, which are not less important than materials and components, which you plan to apply.
1. Malco ER3 Edge Roller (Metal Roofing Tool) – malcoproducts.com/product/detail/edge-roller-3-station
2. DEWALT Pneumatic Roofing Nailer – www.dewalt.com/en-us
3. Standing Seam Metal Roof brackets – www.metalplusllc.com
4. PREBENA LATTBLITZ 2000 – www.prebena.ch
5. Sit ‘n’ Slate – www.sitnslate.com


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