Making money Power washing, gutter cleaning, deck repair.

Hi guys It’s me Tom on another handyman video. Making BIG money power washing, gutter cleaning, and deck repair. Plus so much more work on this one house. BIG MONEY.


  1. yeah, that bleach. More than once I had raw throat due to wind. Hopefully this year I’ll remember my lessons learned.
    Nice gig there!

  2. Cool video… Im in the market for a power washer. Sam’s Club has a 4200 PSI for $699 Briggs & Stratton engine. I did not know John Deere made a power washer. What engine is running your John Deere. I’m probably going to jinx myself by saying this but I have always had good luck with Briggs & Stratton engines . I don’t know why I’ve always had bad luck with sthil, Honda, and DeWalt products. Great video I hate heights keep the videos coming thanks again.

  3. I would love to start a handyman service. Been doing apartment maintenance for 26 years but here in NM you can’t touch plumbing, electrical, decks, structural, HVAC without a contractors license. Handyman services can only make $7000 a year. Nothing over $1000 at a time.

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