1. You sure DO like a challange. Good job, looks great. Don’t pay attention to any negative comments, everything that was damaged was replaced and installed correctly. Good as new.

  2. That was Awesome! Personally, I would like to see more episodes of one build but with slower, more detailed content.

  3. As far as the length of video goes, putting all your work into one longer video works fine. For me it’s preferable to loading three or four shorter ones. Based on your work ethic and ambition, you should have far more than 5K subscribers. I’m going to share this one on my timeline.

  4. Sir you earned your money on that repair. Those people are lucky that someone of your capability was there to repair a vehicle like that. I have seen a lot less damaged vehicle tossed in the scrap yard. And you were right I have seen two people at an auction with giant egos go head-to-head on a vehicle like this. Thanks for a really great video have a good weekend, you take care.

  5. Great job !! Great video ! It’s so nice to see how to do it right, taking the time like painting inside of the construction . Keep up the fine workmanship . Also maybe if you can make the video in 2 or 3 parts (hate to see you run so much. lol ) Thanks !!

  6. Great job
    I’m following that Russian Arthur Tussik and your channel as far as body work goes, but you nailed it
    Great job
    I’ve never seen that much of detail oriented job except yours
    Keep posting

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