Roofin’ road trip and a little history of Hollis Roofing.

Taking a roofin’ road trip in the Nissan Titan XD to visit a couple of job sites and giving a little history of Hollis Roofing

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  1. Hearing some of your background was extremely interesting. Your channel and what you all do is one of the most positive places to go on YouTube.

  2. Got one question. So does your crew travel from Mississippi also? Or do you have people in each state? That’s a lot of miles you put on. Your gonna be ready for another new pickup by the end of the year. Thanks for sharing all the videos.

  3. Thanks for sharing your history with us Brian, would love to hear about your hunting history and see your trophy room again.

  4. Great video y’all have a great channel really good to see a family owned business that is doing well. The roofing stuff is really interesting. Be careful out on the road and thanks for the videos

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