1. You ignorant PowderPuff! You CANT patch or butt-plug the SIDEWALL. You gotta buy a new tire. “Dink-Dink” !!

  2. What’s going on with your eyes today? They look like two piss holes in a snow bank.

    Speaking of prank calls, didn’t you prank call a pizza place in one of your videos?

  3. van made sure the job was done b4 he told them he wasn’t going to pay, hes lucky zavitz wasn’t a bad person because Ive known some guys that would have gone over there at night and settled the score

  4. The way it works is = If Labor was performed, Good or bad you must pay for all labor that was agreed upon period!! But then again this is String Beards MO have work done and find fault and, say I’m not paying!! Your right about the court thing because, had it gone to court the judge would have asked if labor was performed and completed? Well you know who would of been ordered to pay right?

  5. It’s the info warlock all news all the time why wouldn’t it be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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