Repairing the Long-term Camp – New Tarps, Roof Repairs, Camp Cleanup – Camp Firlend

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Today the dog and I visited the long-term bushcraft camp after what felt like ages. I found that the shelter was in serious need of repair due to the extremely long and harsh winter this year. I ended up ripping off the ugly blue tarps (which was extremely satisfying), to replace them with some greenish-grey ones. They make the shelter look substantially better. I also do a few other things like completely clean and organize the camp, make a bushcraft broom, redo the roof bracing, fix some walls, and more. Enjoy the video at the camp.

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  1. I’m a bit surprised that those blue tarps held up as good as they did. If you’re going to continue using tarps, you really should invest in much, much better ones like oil canvas. Here’s a link to a good place to start looking: You should be able to find something there. Also, bankline is a substantially better cordage than paracord for long lasting structures. Bankline does not stretch and is in just as good of condition a year later than the day you put it in.

  2. You and your girlfriend has built one of the best shelters I have seen on u tube. Awesome… Refreshed for a new season…😉

  3. Nice job, I do like the color of the new tarps much better I. It looks more natural against the background. Great video.

  4. Hey good to see u again bud. Be good to see the second incarnation of this camp. Ever evolving eh brother. Keep er lit!

  5. Really enjoy your silent style, and welcome back…… I played back that chirping sound 7 times, I have the same sound here it central Florida. I don’t know if it is a bird, or a frog….

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