Flatbed Securement, Hazmat load, Rolled Roofing, Strapping, V-Boards

Cargo Securment, Hazmat Load, Bristol Connecticut, Strapping, V-Boards


  1. Choice that editing you doing is funny as hell man it looks like you working with a bunch of co workers 😂😂😂😂😂 amazing job for real!

  2. Nice quick load for a friday hopefully …
    I have my hazmat on license , I applied just this past week to TMC and now I’m waiting to hear from them , I really hope they call me , I really want the job and like I told you before , I gave your name as a reference cause I want you to get the bonus .
    Im watching video’s like crazy on load securement cause I wanna be ready if they bring me out there .
    Have a good weekend bro , ttyl …. Bosco out

  3. For a half a second I thought those were the safety guys helping you put v-boards up 😂 Keep killing it bro

  4. I ain’t gonna lie. At first I was like, that’s cool they helping him with the v-boards. 😂😂😂😂 That’s some good editing! Like that new opening too! You did good man!

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