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  1. When your tail is dragging….. some ice cream, a hot shower and a hug from your spouse will put you back into “Pure Living!!!” “w.w.”

  2. I get a chuckle out of thy DYI moment when they realize that all the money they are saving is getting washed out by other cost over runs.

  3. Your raw determination, and commitment to your goals, approaches superhuman! Just try to balance it with Jesse and Alyssa time, as much as possible. Certain phases having been completed, the project will wait while you recharge…..and anytime you feel like questioning what you’re doing, please look at the last couple of minutes of this video, in particular, and remember that this is where you’re going to LIVE…and be able to avail yourself of those natural wonders almost anytime you want or need to! That doesn’t happen for most of the 340 million people in this country! Is it worth it? I’m not doing all the work, of course, but I would reply with a resounding ‘Yes!!’ Hell…look at what you’ve already accomplished!

  4. So who’s bright idea was it to engineer sheet rock between the sip and the truss? How long will it take before it starts to crumble under the pressure of the stuff sitting on top of it; sip, sip screws pressure, and the roof material too! Or are you going to call it a floating ceiling, because that is what it is going to turn into. Those sip should had been attached directly to the truss, a good crew could have sheet rock that ceilling in one day in between all those trusses. Now you have seams every 4 feet between everyone of them. Could had been done with 12′ pieces in between. Edges would had been just as clean with no future roof movements! House will sound really spooky when it realy starts creaking! Just an opinion of a viewer!

  5. I’m REALLY confused about the drywall going on so soon. I’m sure Shelter would have told them not to install if it wasn’t the norm. Jesse referred several times to having conversations he had with them about this. I’ve never seen drywall installed like this but it must be ok. Just seems like it would get smashed over time. Especially with the added weight of roofing and snow. Weird

  6. Excellent job for DIYer’s. I use 4 guys on the roof panels. Cutting your splines on site is what s causing your headache….I have all my splines premade ,yours are somewhat different as mine are two splines attached to poly and inserted into the channel, its so much easier and its a perfect fit…..and yes the way you guys are doing it “don’t tighten the screws until fitted”….you two are doing great….The roof is done so I know everything worked out, but ya what a pain in the ass….

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