1. These guys are crazy walking that open roof without fall protection. Love your buildings. Wish I could have had you do my pole building but I’m in NJ so I went with the Amish in Lancaster

  2. There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to dimensional lumber but your builds are damn close. I know fall protection is such a drag and it takes so long to setup and wastes so much time but it’s worth it when you need it man. I’m pretty comfortable on roofs and have always been and I was working for a company one time that required fall protection and let’s just say I’m glade they did because with all the years of my climbing I still screwed up and tripped nearly shit my pants. I was so thankful I had the protection on because idk if I would have been able to see my beautiful family again man. It was one of those situations I always look back on and just cringe at how close I was to checking out.

  3. I always cringe watching sheet metal cutting. Hang me off the roof by my ankle but keep the snips far away. Your attention to detail is fantastic.

  4. I like your attitude on investing in tools for quality and efficiency. I think Thomas Carlyle quoted; Man is a tool using animal.Nowhere do you find him without tools;Without tools he is nothing,with tools he is all.

  5. Your work is amazing, i love your videos and your attention to detail is second to none, please protect your self from falling. I know a guy who didn’t protect him self, he fell and broke his neck and been in a wheel chair the last ten plus years. Be safe. God bless

  6. We the North (Canada), screw the on top of the ridges, opposed to the valleys. Our manufacturers say it makes it more water proof because it slopes the rain and snow better. Comments.

  7. Someday I would like to hear how you got started in business and your and Greg’s opinion what the future plans are concerning the business. I really admire how you invest in your tools and equipment. Working smarter not harder. I’m really enjoying your tutorial type videos your skill set and craftsmanship. TFS.

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