HABU \ Roofing Hammer Restoration (MakerTruck-MakerFaire)

Restoring this roofing hammer at Jenni.Swiss’s Maker Truck at the Maker Faire in Hanover was so awesome!
Enjoy the video and get inspired! And maybe I’ll see you at the next faire… 🙂

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a instuctional “step-by-step” “how to” video! It is just an inspiration for you, and also an advertising for my person and skills… Hassan Abu-Izmero(HABU)


  1. Great job, would have loved to come to Hannover but unfortunately didn’t have any time. You could epoxy a little rare earth magnet into the nail holder hole. That might make it even more useful.

  2. Awesome! Some metal work, some woodwork, a bit of blacksmithing …. sounds like a great day to me! I have that same spoke shave, it’s my favorite. I think it’s made by Kunz right?

  3. Nice job but the spike on the end needs to be to a point , beautiful hammer , if you come across any old slate hammers I buy them

  4. Ne wie Geil!! Also alles vom Lappen bis hin zum gerissenen Sägeband und die Cola. Krass!! 😁 der Hammer ist der Hammer und die Nagel Funktion, wie geil ist denn das bitte!?

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