DIY Video, How to repair a Tile Roof.

I took this video while doing a tile roof repair
Sorry if I missed part of the repair process but I took videos about the best faces of the roof repair.
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God Bless!
Thanks for watching .
Eric Garcia


  1. Hats off for you Eric eres cabron para el roofing. Eric I love your work. I’ve use your tips and tricks and have shared them with other roofers I work with and they love it. Keep up the good work. Saludos de Atlanta .

  2. Señor Garcia. Hasta que veo un video suyo en cual explicas todo el proceso de la reparación. Muy bien hecho. Mis felicitaciones. Desde Texas.

  3. Why don’t you just change the broken channel tiles instead of gluing them? And those stretched tiles….still gonna leak if u don’t seal the nails. And stop using your beer cans to fix broken tiles. Makes the whole job questionable.

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