#21 Husband & Wife Install 56 Degree Angle METAL ROOFING: Off-Grid Cabin Build

We are finally ready to install the metal roof on our off-grid home! Can the two of us handle getting these metal panels and the ridge cap on this 56degree angle roof? Follow along with us to see!

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  1. Your roof looks really beautiful guys. It looked like it was a chilly, windy job especially in the dark, but you got it done, those LED’s are a lovely warm inviting light shining through the windows. Are you going to have a wood-burning fire or wood stove in the house for heating at all? (Sorry I can’t remember) and if so where will it be and where will you vent the chimney? You’ll want it to be through the wall rather than through the roof right? That’s easier to clean too.

  2. you must REALLY like your ridgeline… any way. love watching you two work and play. i also enjoy the editing – nice clean story lines.

  3. I think you guys did an awesome job on the roofing. No one knows what roofing an A-frame is like until they’ve done it! I love the end shot of the video, with the children out front!

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