Building a Work Shop: Installing Metal Roof

In today’s episode, we finally have the opportunity to be installing the metal roof….at least on one side of the shop. I also show how we attempt to be as safe as possible given the circumstances of fall protection and post frame buildings. Go figure, there is never enough time in the day to do everything you want.

Main talking points for todays video:
-Installing Metal Roof
-metal roof screw pattern
-quik drive collated fastener
-window framing

Fall Tech Retractable:

Truss Anchor Point: – was $38 when I bought them… now $91



  1. I am really trying to find the right safety system for the projects we work on that not only are safe, but efficient to use and keep us wanting to use them….so if you have ideas, drop them below thanks!!

  2. good on you for talking with 3M and NFBA. that mid-post window detail is very tidy. sound quality, picture quality, and presentation are all through the roof recently.

  3. My dad was a carpenter and he was a human calculator. He also planned way ahead of any step needed to be made. He could look at a set of plans and remember everything. I worked as a carpenter helper with him for years but hated the layoff time of union work. Growing up there were the good times and then we call them cutback time, you always made sure you put plenty of money in the bank for the lean time’s even with unemployment insurance. When I was close to turning 21 I decided that a different carrier was in my future and became a police officer, it has it’s drawbacks like any profession but I never got laid off and had paid vacation and better benefits. Learning from my dad I was able to be my own contractor building my first home and did most of the work myself. I purposely planed building my house so that I could hire my dad and other family members and friends from construction to work during winter layoff time and got a dollar an hour off of union rates ( just joking it was much more than that ).
    Keep up the great work.

  4. I started building pole barn last fall, got 1 side lean done. Starting back up this month. I have learned so much from watching your videos. Thank you Kyle for all great info in your videos.

  5. G’day Kyle. I believe the reason the roof fasteners are normally driven through the ribs isn’t for strength, it’s because on the flat they’re basically under water when it rains heavily. Eventually the washers will fail, and the roof will leak. By installing on the top of the rib the fastener only needs to resist moisture so pretty much doesn’t need sealing at all.

    The end wall is structural, and down here in Oz, I don’t believe the way you’re framing the window would pass code. You would need to turn that 2 x 6 (??) sideways and use it as a header with jamb studs either side to support it. That way the load has a path to the foundation. At the moment the path seems to be through the window frame, and that wouldn’t cut it. I appreciate the sheeting may be load bearing, but that doesn’t count in this instance.

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