The Advantages Of Metal Roofing

February 17, 2016 admin 0

Learn about the many great advantages of metal roofing. Tod & Todd from Weather Tight Corporation will discuss why you should consider metal roofing.

DIY Roof Repair Fail

February 15, 2016 admin 2

See what happens when a DIY’r tries to fix there own roof. #fail #DIY #callapro #thehomeinspector #tommunro

Roll Roofing A Small Flat Roof with Greg Zanis

October 21, 2015 admin 14

Roll Roofing A Small Flat Roof with Greg Zanis WeatherWatch This quality GAF Leak Barrier helps keep water out of the most vulnerable areas of your roof, including the eaves, rakes, valleys and around the chimneys. WeatherWatch protects against ice dams is required at eaves by many building codes wherever…

Repairing Leaking Shingle Roof

September 16, 2015 admin 12

We find evidence of a leaking roof by water stains on the ceiling. Upon investigating the roof we see no visible damage but find an obvious soft spot. We show you how we removed the shingles and bad spot in the roof, and then repair the roof with new wood…

How to Install Single Ply Roofing

May 31, 2015 admin 1

Installing single-ply membranes like PVC requires many steps. One of our workshop instructors show attendees proper installation. More info: . We also show contractors how to use Leister welding equipment (not shown in video) and how to actually get these roofing projects consistently. Before taking any action, visit our Terms…

How To Fix A Leaking Gutter | Gutter Supplies

April 20, 2015 admin 0

Learn how to fix a leaking gutter as our expert takes you through the process step by step. A leaking gutter is not only an annoyance but can cause damage to the rest of the roofline. This video will teach you how to safely repair a leaking gutter. The cause…

Installation of CertainTeed Flintlastic SA commercial roofing

December 29, 2014 admin 4

An overview of CertainTeed Flintlastic SA (self-adhered) commercial roofing, including components, preparation and application, penetrations, curb detail and more. This video is supplemental information. Always follow the instruction manual for the product. View installation manuals online by selecting a product here:

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