How to Repair a Leaky Gutter – This Old House

July 21, 2014 admin 11

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva has a fast fix for a dripping rain gutter. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Full episode: How to Fix a Leaking Rooftop Vent Pipe: How to Repair a…

How To Fix Sagging Roof Overhang – Nailing New Rafters Next to Truss

June 13, 2014 admin 7

This video is pretty simple and straightforward, yet should provide you with the basic information necessary to fix a sagging engineered roof overhang. The biggest problem will be getting the new roof rafters into the attic area and actually fastening them to the existing roof truss. For more useful tips…

Bending the rule: chalk line division (for roofing)

June 5, 2014 admin 15

Brevity is the soul of- well, I mean- brevity is good, so I may be doing some more fast-paced, short & sweet ones, should you like ’em. Let me know. EDIT: forget that last part, about taking what you like into consideration. Hey, nothing personal, it’s just that if I…

How to Install a Half Round Gutter

June 5, 2014 admin 2

Finishing up recent porch work, and follow up on earlier posts – How to Install Half Round Gutters. The full article: Addtional Articles on Half Round Gutters: & here: This videos includes and the key Steps are: (Not Shown – Install Brackets) (Not Shown – Temporarily Set the Gutter) *…

Roof Repair | Application of Roofing Cement and Membrane

May 28, 2014 admin 0

Roof Repair – Application of roofing cement and membrane is a tutorial that picks up after you have located area of repair. Very basic skill that can be duplicated many times over for many different situations. – sign up to receive future blog posts by email.

Roof Repair And Installing Shingles

May 18, 2014 admin 18

The roof has to be done in two stages, doing the back half first. This side of the roof needs to be reinforced, adding new supports inside the attic and cutting off old ones that were bearing on unsupported ceiling joist. Also, increasing the depth of the original 2×5 rafters…

EPDM Rubber Roof Repair

April 7, 2014 admin 4

► Rubber Repair Kit available on Amamzon: Learn how to repair EPDM (rubber) roof using PRIMER and Peel & Stick flashing material

How to install guttering

January 17, 2014 admin 13

In this video I install some plastic guttering to a brick built garage. When installing guttering it is vitally important to use the correct access equipment such as scaffolding or a scaffold tower. Brought to you by How to install gutter guards can be seen here-

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