Police Car Trunk & Roof Repair

March 30, 2017 admin 0

This is do it yourself step-by-step video on how to repair vehicles such as used police, fire, or government vehicles that have equipment removed leaving large circular holes in the body steel. This is a solid fix that you can do on your own without a welder and without professional…

Roofing Zürich

September 4, 2015 admin 8

Me and my Friends ( Manu, Michel) are doing some crazy shit Follow them on Insta: Manu: Michel: Dan (me):

Hometime “How-To” Video Guide: Roofing, Preparation and Installation

May 2, 2015 admin 17

“‘How-To’ Video Guide You can DO-IT-YOURSELF with help from Dean Johnson, home improvement expert, and host of the ‘Hometime’ TV series. Let Dean show you the techniques you need to do a professional job. You’ll learn how to choose the right tools, save on materials, avoid costly mistakes… and complete…

Hometime, Roofing

April 4, 2015 admin 2

episode of Hometime from either 1986 or 87 (due to Peggy Knapp’s appearance). Keep in mind that since 1987, codes and techniques may have changed.