Standing seam roof installation

May 18, 2015 admin 10

Standing seam metal roof installed by M&M Construction Services LLC, in Vicksburg MS. Call Michael 601.750.2274 I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ()

Installing an EZ Kwik Plug Roof Patch

May 14, 2015 admin 10

This video is a complete overview of the Kwik Plug Roof Patch. This is my follow-up video to: Tree Fell On Roof- How To Make A Temporary Leakproof Repair. I will put a link down below and at the end of the video. Here’s a product description from the manufacturer:…

Concrete Roof — Repair & Painting (Step 5)

May 11, 2015 admin 1

Wayne McDonnell from ARP shows how they recondition a concrete roof, first starting with clearing of debris then water blasting before point repair, undercoat and top coats. Pointing a concrete roof is a highly specialised task and should be done by a professional, it’s a job that needs to be…

Flat roof installation step by step , must watch!

April 28, 2015 admin 10

On this video I showed you how to prepare a basic flat roof, step by step , hope you learn something and if you come across one of this roofs at least, you will have an idea what to do, greetings with all my respect to all the viewers. Eric.

Install Garage Gutters DIY in under 2 hours

April 8, 2015 admin 12

Quick Step by Step Run through of a Garage Gutter installation excluding apron installation. 2 average guys should be able to follow these steps to install new 1 story 5″ or 6″ aluminum garage gutters within 2 hours. ***Alert** The sealant used in video is not standard self leveling gutter…

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