Asbestos gutter repair

June 26, 2018 admin 0

Buy now: A completely broken gutter can be a nightmare to fix, so this quick and easy solution will repair it within minutes! The SpeedPatch moulds to shape easily, so whether it’s needed for a gutter or corrugated roof repair, you won’t have any issues. Rebuild missing pieces and completely…


May 28, 2018 admin 0

Possibly the most satisfiying part of the roof yet…. installing the rafters. Due to the width of the roof, we had to use 2 rafters rather than 1. Bottom rafter needed Bird’s Mouths cut so as to rest on the wall plate installed way back when. As long as you…

Orrcon Steel Cairns $10 Million Steel Clearance Sale

May 28, 2018 admin 0

Orrcon Steel’s national 10 million dollar Steel Clearance Sale is now on! We need to clear excess steel and accessories. Up to 30% off selected items including Australian made tube, pipe, RHS. Our yards are stocked with reo, gal mesh, fencing, roofing and building supplies. We offer prompt cutting and…

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