Fitting the EPDM Roofing

December 8, 2018 admin 10

Hands down, one of the easiest DIY tasks on the project so far. With a simple flat roof like this nothing comes simpler to fit than EPDM. As with everything, detail is key, so flashings and trims need extra care as that is where potential problems can occur. There will…

Flat Roof Install – FAQ

November 29, 2018 admin 10

Quick follow up video to the roofing install. Lots of questions so hopefully I can cover all here. EPDM install video on the way soon. TOOLS WE USED Hitachi Nailer – Bosch Impact – Bosch Combi – Swanson Metric Speed Square – Framers Square – Framing Chisel – Bosch Circ…

Water Damage Repair on a Flat Roof – Roofing

August 18, 2018 admin 0

Water damage repair on a flat roof. This tar and gravel flat roof had some water damage on the edge of the roof. The wood repair was not too complex, but needed to be done anyway, in order to be able to nail the new felt and drip edge down.…

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