Building the Dream: Episode 6, installing roof

September 16, 2018 admin 10

In this episode we install the metal roof. I also show some of the detail work of how to install soffit, fascia, and ridge cap. Once again, finding a cool new use for my Stabila LA180 L layout station laser. Stabila LA180L:

How to Build a Garage Part 4 Roofing

July 19, 2018 admin 10

This is a fairly short video compared to the last few, but I wanted to keep it all one subject…roofing! I know there is probably more questions you might have for this process, but this was all the filming I had done that day. Lets use the comments down below…

How to install roof rails and crossbars on 2018 Honda Odyssey

July 12, 2018 admin 3

Product Links: Amazon Roof Rack Crossbars- Amazon Roof Rails- Honda store Crossbars- Honda store Roof Rails- Cameras we use: Nikon D3300- Samsung NX3000- GoPro- Forestfish video sunglasses- This week we installed the OEM roof rails and crossbars on our 2018 Honda Odyssey. The roof rack system we used were purchased…

How to Install Amerimax Gutter Guards – EASY DIY

June 15, 2018 admin 0

Here is a link to Amerimax Steel Gutter Guards – Check Out the Description for links to Social Media, Cool Products and more… Support us on Patreon at: for as little as $1 per month PayPal Tip Jar: for one time donations You’re the reason we do these videos. We…

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