How To Repair Gutter With Roof Patch

July 28, 2017 admin 0

Shell Busey shows you how to repair your gutters using a simple roof patch. For more videos or to ask Shell a question on any home improvement topic, go to and register to become a member. It’s Just That Easy!

Rusted Out Gutter Repair

April 11, 2017 admin 5

Replacing a leaking gutter is for people with no imagination. We take an old gutter with a serious crack in it and patch it in a way to make your redneck uncle proud. No in all seriousness this is a very long term fix. Yes it would be better to…

How To PERMANENTLY Fix Leaks Behind Rain Gutters

February 11, 2017 admin 4

Have rain water dripping out from between your facia and gutters? This can be frustrating, and also creates a dangerous situation on porch steps during freezing weather. Not to mention the potential for rotting out your facia boards! Learn how to PERMANENTLY fix this problem with a simple sheet metal…

Roof Leak Repair | Flat Roof Repair | DIY

December 8, 2016 admin 1

Roof Leak Repair | Flat Roof Repair | DIY Here’s a quick and inexpensive way to repair a cut, tear, or puncture in a flat roof. Start by scuffing up the surface using a kitchen abrasive pad. Thoroughly clean the area using denatured alcohol or acetone, let dry, apply the…

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