5 Roofing Tools You Should Have

January 24, 2018 admin 2

5 amazing roofing tools and equipment for repair and building roof your house You must have. During roofing work you have to use various roofing tools, which have different application and purpose. You will not be able to perform even the smallest repair roof without roofing tools, which are not…

How to Install Gutters

September 11, 2017 admin 1

House flipping brothers Dave and Rich show how to install gutters on a house. They are currently renovating a large lake house that required all new gutters. Dave shows the complete process for hanging gutters, including assembly and installation. Installing new gutters is a diy project that any homeowner can…

DIY Roofing Repair

August 26, 2017 admin 2

This week, Tom gives us the how to’s on simple roof repairs. The next time a few shingles blow off of your roof, you’ll have the know-how to take care if it if you choose to do so yourself.Support HGMM through Patreon ►► SUBSCRIBE TO HGMM ►► bit.ly/HGMMsub SUBSCRIBE TO…

How To Repair Gutter With Roof Patch

July 28, 2017 admin 0

Shell Busey shows you how to repair your gutters using a simple roof patch. For more videos or to ask Shell a question on any home improvement topic, go to and register to become a member. It’s Just That Easy!

How to repair an asbestos roof cheap for life

July 2, 2017 admin 1

How to repair an asbestos roof to last 50 years plus. Saving cost on replacement of asbestos. This is a permanent fix. Details this repair can be used on any profile roof,concrete,steel and asbestos even garage and car port roof repair

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