A New Revolutionary Roofing Tool

November 15, 2017 admin 2

Best Damn Roofer Check out another video where my wife hates me: Best Damn Roofer. A reality TV Comedy for roofers. Literally the dumbest reality show in existence. _ _ Social Media & Contact Business Email: joshuabigger@hotmail.com Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Clothing: SUBSCRIBE AND ENJOY


July 19, 2017 admin 0

NZ ROOFING – Commercial & Residential Roofing / Cladding ABOVE & BEYOND……..

Do My T-Lock Shingles Really Need To Be Replaced

June 19, 2017 admin 0

Many door-to-door roofing companies will want to tell you that you MUST replace your T-lock shingle roof. We’ll tell you why you may want to hold off calling in a claim just because someone told you that you should.

How to install IKO Cambridge Xpress on your roof Roofers guide

April 1, 2017 admin 0

Installing IKO Cambridge Xpress shingles in stretcher bond, How to build or renovate your roof of your house, villa, church, castle, summer cottage or any other building project. This video shows the roofer the different steps: from roof types over roof paneling preparation, how to strip old roofing, start underlayment,…

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