Asphalt Shingle Roofing Water Damage Repair

June 13, 2017 admin 10

Repairing water damage from a roof leak in a ridge vent. This plywood was rotten from water damage from an aluminum ridgevent fastener in an asphalt shingle roof. After removing the aluminum ridgevent (which was uploaded as another video) we located the rotten wood and started removing shingles. We cut…

Roofing – Dripedge Install Walkthrough

March 29, 2017 admin 6

Walkthrough of the basic cut installing dripedge on your roofing project. The outside square cut is the basis for all other cuts. Once you learn how to make this cut, then all other cuts for dripedge will come a lot easier. A tab for the first cut and then a…

Asphalt Shingle Roof Leak Temp Repair Missing Tab

March 18, 2017 admin 1

Look at your roof. If you have missing tabs on your asphalt shingle roof, then you may have a roof leak and don’t even know it yet. There is a temporary fix for this to get you by until you get a new roof. Providing you are getting a new…

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